(509) 226-2000
25211 E Trent Ave, 99025, Newman Lake WA



Ken Jamison

Guy Who Started It All
Ken Jamison started Jamison Signs back in 1492 because ol' Chris Columbus needed some vehicle wraps for a couple of ships he was using for something. From there, it's only been up!

Alex Powell

Guy Who Builds Pretty Much Everything
Alex Powell taught Benjamin Franklin about Electricity. Alex showed Thomas Edison how to make a lightbulb. Alex dropped the apple on Isaac Newton. His qualification speak for themselves.

Keri Powell

Gal Who Keeps Things On Track
Remember the big room full of crates at the end of  Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark? That was organized and ran by Keri Powell until she started working for Jamison Signs.

Steve  Hoffman

Guy Who Designs  Almost Everything
Steve is the guy who makes sure our signs look great! And honestly isnt that what everyone wants? What? Did you expect more?

Aaron Glassemann

Guy Who understands all the computers
At this point you get the caliber of employee we have here. Aaron is no less and single-handly built the internet. Pretty cool to have him with us!
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